“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing”

- George Bernard Shaw

The Kidsburg Monsters represent the creative imagination that each child has. Our monster residents each have a unique skill set that they are eager to share and teach visitors.


Martie is excited to make his home at Kidsburg. Look for Martie to explain the rules to make sure your visit is safe and fun.

Larry H Monster

Larry is the leader of the Kidsburg Monsters. Follow Larry on Facebook and Instagram.


Finley the Construction Monster loves to build things. When he is not building, he is knocking things down to build again.


Otis spends his days helping things to grow. Otis is a farmer who raises potatoes, corn and other fruits and vegetables.


Rosie works in the Monster Aisle of the local grocery store. Rosie knows it’s important to keep the shelves stocked with healthy foods. Rosie loves share her favorite fruits and vegetables that come straight from Farmer Otis’ farm.

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